3E Productions
Rosemarie Kelly Ndupuechi

After working successfully in a corporate job for many years, I decided to venture out on my own to create memorable experiences for others, which led me to start my own event planning company.

A sampling of clients with whom we have worked over the years include:

  • Bush Foundation
  • Cargill
  • Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative (FREC)
  • General Mills
  • Midwest Northern Nut
  • Bolder Options
  • Jeremiah Program
  • Neighborhood Development Center
  • Pimento Jamaican Kitchen
  • Saint Paul Almanac
  • Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundations
  • Among Others
  • Progressive Education Network

Like an orchestral director, I have a talent for bringing unfinished pieces of a product together to create a beautiful, elegant result. I am known for my positive energy, my creativity, and my ability to stay organized and focused throughout the entire process. After developing the concept with you, I research every aspect of the event and work with you to put an event together that will fit every concern, including your budget.

After creating and managing a wide range of events, from book launches to one-on-one meetings, I have a unique insight in to the best local venues and vendors in the industry.

My handpicked team expands and contracts as necessary, ensuring that my clients are paying the fairest, most competitive rates and avoiding unnecessary overhead. These are individuals that I consistently work with and have chosen based on my brand, my values, and how they can ensure the successful execution of each event according to your expectations. I customize personnel to meet each client's specific needs.

I am passionate about turning your event in to an unforgettable experience.