Willard McCloud

Global Lead, Inclusion and Diversity, Cargill, Incorporated

The Management Leadership for Tomorrow (ML4T) event hosted at Cargill, planned and managed by 3E Productions and led by Rosemarie was executed flawlessly, and I think there will be future opportunities to partner in the future. Thank you for the great work.  The event planning was done very well.

Elisa Pluhar

Dir. of Development & Communications, Neighborhood Development Center

Working with 3E Productions team led by Rosemarie allowed us to really grow our event. Rosemarie has great attention to detail and keeps us on time and on task. Knowing she is working on our event means we all sleep at night!

Tomme Beevas

Co-owner and General Manager, Pimento Jamaican Kitchen

When Pimento Jamaican Kitchen needed help hosting a massive fundraising party for the Jamaican Bobsled Team (Yes! The one from the movie, “Cool Runnings.”) the only option for event planning was, and continues to be, Rosemarie of 3E Productions! The team at 3E Productions bring a certain quality of professionalism, creativity, and value that is unmatched by the competition. We know whether it’s a small gathering or large, exotic soiree, we can sleep well knowing Rosemarie is on the job!

Kimberly Nightingale

Executive Director, Saint Paul Almanac

With Rosemarie planning our event, I can take a deep breath and know everything will be taken care of. The event will be beautiful and engaging. Rose has vision and a tremendous ability to complete the many necessary steps to make an event memorable and successful.

Armando Jimenez

Associate, Management Leadership for Tomorrow

Working with Rosemarie made one of our largest events of the year seamless. Our three day, 375+ attendee event ran smoothly because we had the benefit of working with Rosemarie. She did not miss a beat and was exception with pre-event planning, event execution, and post-event follow-up. I hope we can work with Rosemarie in the near future and would recommend her services for any event, large or small.

Linda Hagberg

Co-owner, Laure Rockman, co-owner, Midwest Northern Nut

Rosemarie planned and managed our company’s 50th-anniversary celebration that took place on Sept. 13, 2017. Rosemarie was with us every step of the way in the planning process and had some many ideas we would have never thought of. It was such a fun night – A Night to Remember. The planning was superb. We’ve had soooo many compliments on how wonderful everything was! She caught so may fun moments with her photography and we re- lived the night going through them. The party was a great success!

Sarah Gleason

FREC Member

Rosemarie of 3E Productions managed registration for the 2017 Overcoming Racism conference for our Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative, known as FREC. Rosemarie and her team were responsive, accommodating and thoughtful throughout the process. Because of our positive experience, we engaged 3E Productions to manage registration and logistics for the 2018 Equity-Oriented Leadership Institute, and plan to expand their role in supporting the 2018 Overcoming Racism conference. Rosemarie’s professionalism and attention to detail make Rosemarie and her team a delight to work with.